Fashion Marketing

  • What Are Marketing and Fashion Marketing
  • Participating in the Global Fashion Marketplace
  • Understanding Fashion Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior
  • Marketing Strategy: Segmentation and Target Marketin
  • Branding Strategies for Fashion Goods and Services
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Direct Marketing and technique


Fashion Merchandising

  • What is merchandising ? what are different between fashion merchandising & fashion marketing. Role of fashion merchandising in fashion industry, merchandising in retail industry.
  • Retail and inventory and make merchandising plan
  • Type of merchandising in retail industry
  • Cross sell, up sell, accessory replacement
  • Analysis retail store, retail pricing, planning sale and inventory
  • Retail & buying management, retail & inventory management
  • Introduction of color theory, explain color theory according to psychological studies
  • Color for window display, store and how to place product in store
  • Interior design, shelf, location, hanger, staff and staff uniform
  • Merchandising tips


Fashion Buyer & Trend Forecast

  • Introduction to fashion buyer, what is fashion buyer ?, what does fashion buyer do ? Qualifications, quality, abilities for buying career, evaluation of buyers
  • Buyer’s responsibility, buying method, scope of buyer’s role, division of the organization
  • What to buy ? merchandising policies, past sale information
  • Mark ups & profit, sale planning, how to analyze the competitors
  • Fashion trend forecast I, people behind the fashion trend, style icon, King & Queen, celebrities & models
  • Fashion trend forecast II, sub-culture & street style


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